APAC Stamp For Professionals

The APAC Stamp for professionals, identifies professionals in mental health, physical health, legal, and other fields who can provide safe, sex worker-positive, and non-discriminatory services to performers.
The following criteria need to be met in order for a professional to gain the APAC Stamp. The professional must...
  • See adult performance as a valid form of employment.
  • Be aware of and willing to learn more about the unique nature of the adult industry from performers.
  • Acknowledge that sexuality is diverse and that no one view or social norm can encompass what constitutes healthy sexuality.
  • Respect the choice of each individual to be an adult performer and not try to “save” the individual from sex work.
  • Understand that sex workers are as entitled to privacy and their boundaries as any other client.
If you or someone you know is interested in obtaining an APAC Stamp please contact us
*If you would like to report a violation of the APAC Stamp For Professionals criteria, please cick here.