Why Join APAC?


  • Have access to experienced performers who are available for questions and can help you have a positive experience in the adult film industry. 


  • Are invited to panels on a variety of topics, including how to make money by developing your personal brand, how to transition out of the industry, tax and money concerns, how to manage relationships while being an adult performer, and more.


  • Have the chance to organize against anti-porn legislation and stigma with a nationally recognized group.


  • Get information about our network of adult-friendly professionals, including physical and mental health doctors, accountants, and media personalities.


  • Vote in annual board elections and run for board positions.


  • Have access to the APAC website, which provides helpful guides to on-set protocols, STI education, an introduction to porn for new performers, a performer’s bill of rights, tips on self-management, how to find/interact with agents, and more.


  • Help revolutionize the industry!


Definition of Performer


Any person actively performing sexual acts on camera or in any commercial film, video, multimedia, or other recorded representation produced or distributed for financial gain.




Elegibility requirements: Must meet at least on requirement

Active adult film performer

    -If an active adult film performer then you must have performed in at least two scenes

Webcam Entertainers

Retired performers (upon approval)

    -If you are a retired performer and would like to become an APAC member, please send APAC an email        regarding your interest.




What type of evidence is accepted as proof of performing and active status?

link to agency website

link to solo website

link to IAFD profile

link to Clips4Sale store

link to webcam profile

If you do not fulfill these requirements but still feel as if you qualify for membership, then please email APAC a one paragraph explanation as to why and it will be reviewed by the board.


How long is my membership valid?

Membership is reviewed for renewal annually by the board.


Help! I’ve only performed in one scene or am a sex worker that does not perform on camera and/or with other performers, but I would love to have access to all the great information, resources and camaraderie/support.

APAC welcomes anyone new to the industry and anyone in the sex work industry, to attend our monthly meetings, browse our blog and resources and subscribe to our email list.


I am a veteran performer, who has retired from performing, or am taking a longer than expected hiatus from performing and am still actively involved in the industry, but would still love to be involved and have access to all the great information, resources and camaraderie/support.

APAC welcomes performers at all stages of their career, please email APAC with your application for membership and a brief history of your involvement in the industry, and the board will gladly review it for approval.


Can membership be revoked?

Yes, membership is subject to the review and approval of the board and can be revoked at any time if a person’s actions are found to be in opposition with the mission of the organization or in conflict with the bylaws of the organization.



If you have any other questions, please send us an email.