Model Bill of Rights

The Performer Bill of Rights details what performers have a right to when hired.  The document indicates what performers are entitled to to maintain a generally positive experience in their careers, as well as what conditions are conducive to mental, emotional, and physical health.

As a performer, I am entitled to the following rights:


Prior to a shoot (At least a day prior)

-I have the right to know the content of the shoot, the people I will be performing with, the expected shoot length, and the proposed pay. I am not required to perform acts not agreed upon prior to my arrival at work - Pressured negotiations and unexpected changes are not acceptable (In the event of same-day talent cancellations, notify all other talent and ensure new talent are comfortable working together).

-I have the right to decline, in a professional manner, to perform any professional requested sexual act I don’t feel comfortable with.!
-I have the right to specify my preferred method of protection against STDs, knowing 
that studios may not comply and that accepting a scene is ultimately my decision.

-I have the right to be heard when I have concerns or questions about any part of a scene or work day.
-I have the right to not be pressured to perform sexual acts off camera at any time before, during, or after the shoot.


During a shoot

-I have the right to be treated with respect as a hired professional at all times on set.
-I have the right to studio-provided water on set. I also have the right to studio provided snacks if the shoot is expected to last up to 6 hours. If the shoot is expected to last more than 6 hours, a reasonable quality studio provided meal is recommended.
-I have the right to request that my scene partner follow the same STI safety protocols that I am comfortable with.
-I have the right to work only with performers that follow the safety protocols that I choose 
to follow for myself.
-I have the right to set-provided lubricant, enemas, douches, baby wipes, and condoms (if 
-I have the right to decline or agree to any sexual act proposed to me, before or during a scene, even if I previously decided to decline or agree to said sexual act - I am aware that if the choice was previously expressed before the shoot day, then the producer/director has the right to cancel the scene if it does not coincide with their expectations.

-I have the right to call off a scene if health problems arise that would put my fellow scene partner or others on set at risk.
-I have the right to access of the on-
set blood-borne pathogen plan or someone who is knowledgeable of the on-set blood-borne pathogen plan.

-I have the right to vocalize any concerns about my health and safety on set and have all reasonable remedies carried out.
-I have the right to stop the scene and check in with the director if I feel uncomfortable or dist


After a shoot

-I have the right to be paid my agreed upon fees according to the company’s usual method of payment.
-I have the right to not have to make repeated demands for payment, nor will I have payments unreasonably withheld from me.