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January 20, 2018

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Call To Action: Stand Up for Your Rights as a Performer with APAC on May 21st in San Diego

May 16, 2015

On Thursday May 21, the APAC board will be heading to San Diego to attend a hearing on possible OSHA regulations on condoms, testing, STI safety and more.  At the hearing, we’ll be able to present our views and experiences to the policymakers.  APAC invites and encourages all members to attend this hearing.


For more information on the policies up for vote and why performer voices are urgently needed at this hearing, click here.


Why should I attend?

The policymakers present are very receptive to performer voices, but, like most people, they’re unacquainted with the realities of performer experiences and what actually happens on set. 


To make matters worse, most of the information they’ve received has comes from outsider individuals and institutions with their own agendas, misunderstandings, and prejudices.  Performer voices are vital in this process.


What will the APAC board be saying?

The APAC board has several talking points lined up.  Each talking point is in place to represent the realities, rather than speculations about, what happens on set and in performers’ lives.  These talking points will include key differences in safety between off-set and on-set/performed sex, labor concerns, as well as the importance of considering possible safety differences when shooting different types of adult content (straight, gay, queer, girl-girl, etc.).  The board will also present possible alternative regulations that would support performer choice in safety standards.  Finally, the board will emphasize that performers want to be able to turn to OSHA with valid complaints, rather than fearing OSHA will interrupt work or negatively affect our ability to do our jobs and make a living.


What should I say?

We recommend a very simple statement:


“My name is ________, I’ve been in the adult industry for ________ years, and I support the position that APAC has presented.”


What if I have my own statement?

We encourage performers to create their own statements.  From communication we’ve had with experts in these hearings, we recommend all performers bringing individualized statements observe the following guidelines for the most potentially influential content and effective use of time:

– Statements should be prepared (i.e. on paper or memorized), not improvised.