Urgent! Ensure Your Right to Medical Privacy!

It has recently come to our attention that Michael Weinstein and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) have issued subpoenas for patient medical records from facilities that regularly test adult industry performers. For the moment, this includes Talent Testing Services, Cutting Edge Testing, and West Oaks Urgent Care Center in Canoga Park (where Dr. Rigg is the attending physician).

Generally speaking, medical records are required to be kept private and are protected under federal HIPAA privacy rules, but because of the nature of these subpoenas, these agencies may be forced to disclose performer medical records. If you have been tested at any of the above mentioned facilities, APAC encourages you to immediately email these agencies to protect your privacy and let the facilities know you do not want your medical information given to the AHF! This is also the recommendation of Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS) and the Free Speech Coalition (FSC).

Below is a letter you can copy and paste into the body of an email; make sure to include your name at the bottom. We recommend sending an email to all of the agencies where you have been tested, at the following email addresses:

Cutting Edge Testing: info@cuttingedgetesting.com

Talent Testing Service: info@talenttestingservice.com

West Oaks Urgent Care Center (Dr. Rigg): injury@westoaksurgentcare.com


August 24, 2015


Dear Talent Testing Service, Cutting Edge Testing, and West Oak Urgent Care Center:

I understand that Michael Weinstein as a party to the Measure B Litigation and AIDS Healthcare Foundation (Case Number 13-CV-00190-ddP-AGR) have issued a Subpoena to Produce Documents which include the medical information of patients identified as adult film performers or those associated with adult films.

As a patient of your clinic, I strongly object to the sharing or disclosure of any of my records, medical information, medical records, and personal identifying information. I hereby revoke any prior HIPAA waivers or permission granted to your clinic with regard to the above referenced subpoena.

Do not under any circumstances, even if redacted, provide any of the subpoenaed documents! I am asserting the protections provided by HIPAA, the Federal Constitution, the California Constitution, the California Health and Safety Code, and all other applicable State and Federal Statutes. You will be subject to monetary damages, attorney’s fees and costs if you do not comply with my request.



#medicalprivacy #testingfacilities #AHF

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