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January 20, 2018

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How To Be an Ex-Porn Star: 10 Tips on Taking a Break from APAC VP Conner Habib

April 7, 2015


This post is a follow-up to the APAC panel on taking a break from porn.  It originally appears on Conner Habib’s site and will be modified to appear in APAC’s permanent resources for performers.



One of the most common – and offensive – questions that porn performers get from viewers is, “what are you going to do after this?”  It’s as if porn star can’t exist, be looked at and wished upon, without viewers imagining that same star collapsing.  Or perhaps better said, some fans have trouble meeting porn stars without expressing their anxieties of having watched.  Another way of saying, “What will you do after this” is “I’ll stop watching you some day!” or “One day you won’t be desirable anymore!”


It’s just rude for fans to ask that question.  But it is important for performers to be able to have an answer.  Maybe not a complete one, but some gesture toward an answer somewhere.


Even if porn performers don’t eve