APAC 2017-2018 Board Elections

LOS ANGELES, CA—AUGUST 1, 2017​—The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee will hold its annual board elections in August 2017.

APAC members are encouraged to cast their votes for the new board online at http://www.apac-usa.com/voting. Members may cast one vote from August 1st, , 2017 until August 15th , 2017. The new board will be inducted in September 2017 for a year-long term. Performers will choose the new APAC chairperson [Lisey Sweet or Tasha Reign]; president [Mia Li]; vice-president [Riley Reyes]; secretary [Megyn Mason]; and treasurer [Marcelo]. Performers who have an interest in voting but are not APAC members must sign up at http://www.apac-usa.com/member-area to participate.


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