APAC to Introduce Newly Elected Board at Sunday’s Performer Meeting

APAC will introduce the newly elected APAC board members for 2017-2018 at the bimonthly performer meeting on Sunday, September 3, 2017. Election were held in the beginning of August for APAC members only. The new board members are as follows:

Chairperson – Tasha Reign

President – Mia Li

Vice-President – Riley Reyes

Treasurer – Marcelo

Secretary – Megyn Mason

The APAC bimonthly meetings give performers an opportunity to discuss important industry events, meet fellow performers, ask questions, and express concerns. APAC encourages all performers to attend the meeting this Sunday and get to know the 2017-2018 board of APAC. Please visit www.apac-usa.com to become an APAC member and to receive more information about the performer meeting this Sunday.

#boardmembers #performermeeting

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