APAC Addresses Performer Rights and Sexual Assault

Los Angeles, CA—November 1, 2017—The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee stands firmly on the side of sexual assault and violence survivors within the adult performer community. The committee is dedicated to improving workplace safety, dismantling behaviors that perpetuate violence against all performers, and creating more professional work environments.

We acknowledge that too often stigma, shame, and systemic failures have hindered performers from speaking out about sexual harassment. We aim to challenge the stigma, behaviors, and complicity that compromise work place safety, as well as develop a healthy, supportive community of performers.

Adult film is a unique and challenging industry to navigate. Non consent does not belong in our industry or any industry. The norm should not be that victims of harassment and assault feel

silenced by the power dynamics and stigma that make the adult industry difficult to navigate. It will take the efforts of the entire adult community to evolve to better protect its workers against non consent, pressure, coercion, assault, and violence. To dismantle the societal stigma that hurts those who are marginalized and vulnerable, it will take effort from directors, producers, agents, production members, performers, and civilian allies.

We agree with the Free Speech Coalition in that “no one waives their right to consent just because they’ve worked in adult film, or have appeared naked, or are eager to book a shoot, or have contracted to do a film, or had sex with someone previously, or work in a sex-related industry. To assume otherwise is not only wrong, it’s criminal.”

Directors, photographers, producers, and all production members are expected to uphold the same level of professionalism outlined in the Performer Code of Conduct. The Model Bill of Rights provides a base standard of boundary guidelines for maintaining a safe and comfortable work experience on set. Any production company unfamiliar with the contents of either is encouraged to visit the APAC website and review these documents, and to assure all directors, photographers, and performers they hire are familiar with these guidelines as well.

In the adult film industry, we’ve seen what the mobilization of our community can bring in the political arena. We need to shift away from complicity, rationalizations, and silence to normalize informed consent, respecting choice, and honoring boundaries. APAC exists for the adult performers. We will continue to serve the community in whatever capacity it can.

For more information about the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, contact apac.information@gmail.com or (818)927-2903

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