APAC Stamp Updates Mission

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee serves the adult film performer workforce by providing resources and education to its members, as well as to the press and to the general public. The APAC Stamp program was launched in 2014, as a way to communicate to performers which businesses and professionals are welcoming to our community.

As the landscape of the industry continues to shift, we have seen the lines between performer and producer become increasingly blurred, while the need for safe access to healthcare and resources has only become more dire. In response, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee is now refocusing the mission of its Stamp to emphasize professionals and organizations who provide safe, sex worker-positive, and non-discriminatory services to adult industry performers, such as mental health, legal aid, and financial services.

This remains an ever evolving list, and is by no means comprehensive. As this network continues to build, APAC asks that professionals who wish to obtain the Stamp and be listed on the organization's website contact the Board of Directors at apac.information@gmail.com and affirm in writing that they:

  • See adult performance as a valid form of employment

  • Are aware of and willing to learn more about the unique nature of the adult industry from performers.

  • Acknowledge that sexuality is diverse and that no one view or social norm can encompass what constitutes healthy sexuality.

  • Respect the choice of each individual to be an adult performer and not try to “save” the individual from sex work.

  • Understand that sex workers are as entitled to privacy and their boundaries as any other client.

The current list of APAC Stamp-holders can be found here.

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