APAC Board Member Nominee Bios

Additional bios will be posted as they are submitted by nominees. Below are bios for Chairperson, President, Director of Education, and Director of Outreach nominees. We encourage you to research board nominees for further information.


Ginger Banks

Nominated for Chairperson

Ginger Banks has been a webcam model for the past 8 years for myfreecams. She recently filmed her first porn scenes for Evil Angel in February. She plans on starting her own production company in the future that will pay out royalties to the performers who work for the company. She wants to help consolidate the power performers have through APAC. Her main goal is to help end the stigma that still surrounds our industry through education and outreach. She imagines the future of the industry with a lot more power in the hands of the performers instead of a few companies.

Riley Nixon

Nominated for President

I was born in the prairies of Manitoba, Canada where I spent half of my childhood until I moved to San Diego in 2006. I’ve been living in Southern California for the past 12 years and it’s hard for me to imagine living anywhere else. After leaving my manager position at Jamba Juice in 2015, I began nude modeling. My first porn agent found me on Model Mayhem in January 2016 and it was then I made my my debut in the Porn world. It’s been a wild ride ever since! I have shot for a vast variety of websites and genres and became a Penthouse Pet in March 2017. I plan to start my own membership website in the coming years shooting all sorts of genres with all sorts of people.

I strive to be as inclusive as humanly possible, which is something I want to really highlight through APAC. I never want someone to feel like an outsider in this industry.

I’ve met countless amazing people in the last two years and am so

thankful for the family I’ve gained trough this industry. I want everyone to experience the same love and support I have.

Abbey Rhode

Nominated for Director of Education

While in college, I was able to experience working in an outreach program geared towards sex workers, providing healthcare and harm reduction resources. In this time, I saw the need for education within the community and because of this, I found my passion. Access to resources and education is essential in being happy, healthy and successful in this industry. It is my goal to make this easily available to everyone without being overwhelming. I enjoy being able to simplify research into manageable resources that do not feel daunting to read, such as in the format of info graphics, photos, and short video clips.

Lisey Sweet

Nominated for Director of Education

I’m Lisey Sweet and I’ve been in the industry for a year and a half, working with companies like Evil Angel, Hustler and Kink. Prior to my adult career, I was a research scientist studying infectious diseases. My scientific focus was on prevention of diseases like HIV and I believe my education and previous scientific research would make me a great candidate for the Director of Education. My goal as an advocate to our industry is to fight for our rights and work to ensure all performers and non performers are educated about the risks as well as the testing and prevention for diseases. In addition I will work to improve awareness and create initiatives to help those in our industry for other topics such as mental health and even self promotion. It’s an honor to work in such an empowering field and I want to help all performers maximize their career and continuously elevate awareness of our of own physical and mental health and overall well being.

Lydia Dupra

Nominated for Director of Outreach

Lydia Dupra is a retired adult film performer, entrepreneur and mentor. She has mobilized the adult industry with diverse educational and entertainment platforms. Her book series and educational videos have made her an accessible resource to all. The Heaux app, is a space for sex workers to give and receive support with an anti cyber bullying policy. Additional resources are AdultIndustryDating.com, which connects adult entertainers to the public. Her newest solution is a video platform called The Heaux Network. THN aims to remove exploitation from the media and give sex workers control over their own voices with options to monetize.

Taryn Thomas

Nominated for Director of Outreach

Hello My name is Taryn Thomas, from 2004 to 2008 I performed in many pornographic movies that were released onto DVD, from late 2008 to 2010 I owned my own video production company which I later terminated due to conflicting interest, then from 2010 to March of 2012 I was on a hiatus. In March 2012 I began performing again, coincidentally it coincided with Measure B, that prompted my advocating for the adult industry. While doing so many local & national news stations took note and allowed me to appear on their news cast where I primarily educated individuals outside the sex industry that these are our bodies and we retain the right to determine how we use them under all circumstances and aspects of our lives. Since then I have dedicated myself to the human rights of people involved in the sex industry, focusing on ending stigma through education and advocating. May 2012 I suffered a near fatal ectopic pregnancy which almost lead to my demise. At that point I returned to my hiatus, though continued advocating for sex workers when appropriate. Lastly I'd like to say I have strong writing skills and I’m great at oral communication. I have also had the chance to work with a wide range of individual now (veteran) performers, and companies that power the industry.


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