APAC Leadership Update

Recently, The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) has been made aware of member concerns regarding the leadership of its Board of Directors. In light of these concerns, the newly appointed Director of Outreach has decided to step down.

APAC supports the rights of all sex workers to choose what is best for their bodies at all times, and stands firmly against the exploitation of workers in all sectors of the adult industry.

Involved parties have been offered professional mediation to address any additional personal grievances between members, and APAC welcomes members who may have concerns regarding leadership to attend the September 2nd meeting, which will include a free workshop from 7pm-8pm, and a member meeting where any concerns and new business can be addressed from 8pm-9pm. Location for the meeting will be sent to members by email.

APAC wishes to remind the public that the committee is run entirely on the volunteer labor of people who work in the adult industry, and the Board is elected by the members through a democratic process. The Board is made up of individuals with their own platforms and businesses, and any statements expressed by our board members on those platforms are not a reflection of APAC’s policies or principles.

The mission of APAC is to provide representation for performers in the adult film industry and to protect performers’ rights to a safer and more professional work environment. We do this through education of our workforce and of the greater community, development of ethical best practices, and the fostering of solidarity.

This past year, APAC launched an anti-cyberbullying campaign, a sex worker voter drive, march, and lobbying day, as well as social events, and a Peer Mentorship Program to formalize the tradition of apprenticeship in the adult industry. Future projects include the creation of standardized on-set consent protocols, adding swabbing to the PASS testing protocols, and the expansion of member meetings to locations such as Las Vegas and Florida.

Membership is open to any adult actively performing sexual acts on camera and we welcome new donors and members to get involved and support our work at http://www.apac-usa.com/

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