2019 Board Election Results

Last month, three APAC board positions opened up to the industry for nominations:

Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The votes have been counted and we have three amazing performers ready to share their time and energy with APAC to bring you more supportive, educational, and social events over the next two years.

Tim Woodman is APAC Vice President!

Tim Woodman began tying up damsels in 1996, back when VHS was king and DVD was hard. He has been performing inBDSM/fetish/kink adult entertainment ever since. Tim is also a BDSM lifestyler, and teaches classes for BDSM lifstylers and adult entertainment professionals in bondage, whipping, role-play and assorted other fetish skills. He volunteers for APAC and for the Center for Positive Sexuality and is passionate about feminism, women’s rights, and sex worker advocacy.

Katy Jayne is APAC Secretary!

Katy Jayne is a British adult performer based in Los Angeles with international experience in the business since 2016. She is an advocate for the self-booking community and founded the twitter page “Independent Female Talent” (@self_booktalent) in March 2019, which showcases agent-free female performers to producers and directors in Los Angeles. Katy believes in celebrating and embracing sexuality, whilst practicing safe sex protocols. She is on the Free Speech Coalition PASS Panel, and is very much a voice for all independent contractors (including crew and makeup artists) in our industry; highlighting issues ranging from workers rights, consent boundaries and health and safety on location. Katy wants to help performers navigate and network in the industry in the most professional and seamless manner possible. She believes performers should feel in control and empowered in our business, whilst also having a support network behind them.

Michael Vegas is APAC Treasurer!

Michael Vegas has been actively performing in and producing adult entertainment industry since 2006 and believes that every performers voice needs to be heard and represented fairly. Michael is passionate about promoting safe sexual health practices and educating everyone about be benefits of a safe healthy active sex life. He understands the various difficulties that performers can face on and off set and is passionate about continuing to make APAC a safe place for performers in the adult industry. Quick to help and often found to be the source of wisdom for both new and veteran adult artists, Michael Vegas has spent the last decade fighting to make performer spaces as safe and worker friendly as possible.

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