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January 20, 2018

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COVID-19 in the Adult Industry: A Guide

March 22, 2020

Surviving COVID-19 in the Adult Industry


Hello colleagues and friends,

COVID-19 has led to Shelter-in-Place (SIP) orders in many major cities, including Los Angeles. Our entire industry has called a halt to production. The APAC Board knows that these are scary times, and everyone is doing their best to adapt as things develop. We would like to offer comfort and resources to those in the adult film community.

Below you will find links to guides, blogs, and articles that we have curated for your education and enrichment, as well as our own contributions. The guides made by others do not reflect the unique needs of people in adult entertainment, so we have worked to fill those gaps for you.


FSC Advisory

This post from the Free Speech Coalition contains updates on COVID-19 as it relates to the adult industry, and is updated as the situation develops.


FSC Relief Fund

The FSC has set up a fund for adult performers or crew in need. Apply if you need the money, and if you don't, please consider donating to help others.



Center for Disease Control Website

The CDC will have all the official information and stats on COVID-19.



COVID-19 Guide for Los Angeles

We love this guide. It is being updated with new announcements for the city of Los Angeles, and it includes local resources like food support.



San Fernando Valley Announcements

Much of the adult film industry is located in the San Fernando Valley. Here are the local announcements as of March 20, 2020. Check here for everything from federal relief programs to special store hours for seniors.



Ways to Make Money


We know it’s not easy, and you have spent time and energy cultivating certain forms of income that are cut off from you now. Not everyone will have the resources to do all of these jobs, and the markets may be flooded. But you still have options. Some of them only require a phone. Here are some ways you can create or supplement income during these uncertain times.


FSC Relief Fund

The FSC has set up a fund for adult performers or crew in need. Apply if you need the money, and if you don't, please consider donating to help others.



1) Webcam performance. Use a platform like Streamate, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, cam.com, or many more to connect directly with your fans. And get new ones from the traffic the site provides! Some sites tend towards public shows with tipping, others use paid private shows. Do some research and decide what platform looks right for you



2) Fan subscription platforms. Performers can use these to charge fans for a window into your life, as well as personal nudes and videos. The most popular platforms are currently OnlyFans and Fancentro, but you can choose to have other accounts or multiples



3) Phone sex and sexting Performers can offer phone sex on platforms like Niteflirt, or sexting on platforms like Sext Panther. There are also paid messages on platforms from OnlyFans to iWantClips, so monetize your fan interactions wherever you have them already.


4) Clips and customs. This is easiest if you already have a clipstore and a following, but now is your chance to get started. Make new solo clips in your home, whether they are hardcore masturbation or fetish clips. Clips4Sale gets a lot of traffic for fetish clips, ManyVides for sex, and iWantClips for femdom. But we encourage you to try out multiple sites.


5) Affiliate programs. Many sites have a way for you to get paid for sending traffic to them, through an affiliate program. Look at the bottom of any major porn site for the “Become an Affiliate” link. Using the link they give you, you could even get paid for promoting your own scenes.


6) Use PornHub. This site gets massive traffic and allows you to get paid for the ad revenue generated by your views. If you set up a PornHub account, you an use it to drive traffic to your other income streams, as well as getting paid for the people who watch the video.


7) Expand your platforms. Maybe you already do several of the things listed above, but you could get more traffic from appearing on multiple sites. You could use a service like Modetize to help streamline your uploading and get you on many platforms at once.


8) Consultation. A lot of people are flocking to these platforms and asking for advice. Perhaps you have expertise people need. Free mentorship is a great gift, but you could also offer to consult on these matters for pay. Many community members would pay for your expertise, especially if you offer a sliding scale


9) Recycle content. Not only can you repackage content for new platforms, you can also recycle content on the same platform. Consider making compilations or “Best of” videos to sell. In a pinch, you can even re-release content from years ago to keep your feed active and win you new fans.



Career Development

Being at home allows you time to work on projects you’ve been putting off. Now you have time to develop yourself in ways that could poise you to grow when the lockdown is called off. Here are some ideas of things you could work on that will benefit you in the long run.

  1. Learn to use editing software like Adobe Premiere or AfterEffects

  2. Revamp or create your own personal website

  3. Design new business cards or banners

  4. Learn a language

  5. Create a vlog or podcast to connect with fans


Non-Erotic Online Income

If you are interested in other ways of earning income from home, there are always stay-at-home gigs available like customer service and transcription work. Look out for scammers. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here is a blog with some ideas