APAC Board Nominations Open

2020 has been a challenging and transformative year for the industry thusfar. The APAC Board believes in listening to our community’s needs, and our board should reflect that. For the past several years, the Board has been comprised entirely of white cisgender performers. While we try to listen to the needs of all of our community members, we acknowledge that really change must be informed by the lived experience of the marginalized groups most affected by systemic discrimination.

With that in mind, we are opening nominations for this year’s APAC Board Elections, to be held in August. We wish to encourage BIPOC, trans, gay, BBW, and other performers on the margins to step to the front. Normally, we would only have two Board positions opening at this time. However, this year, depending on the level of interest, we intend to add two more board seats. This opens the possibility that the board could, for the first time since APAC’s inception, be majority BIPOC, and not simply resort to tokenism as we see so frequently in the adult industry.

If you would like to volunteer, you may submit your own name. Alternately, if you know a performer who is a strong voice for the community, please nominate them with their consent.

You do not need leadership or organization experience to be on the APAC Board. You just need a passion for the adult film industry and a devotion to serving your community. We thank all past, current, and future board members for their service.

The nominations close on July 5, 2020 and nominees will be announced on July 10, 2020.

APAC members may submit nominations at apac-usa.com/voting

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