APAC Updated Bylaws

The world of adult performers is constantly changing. Censorship and stigma driven technology and legislation continue to create challenges and opportunities, and as the environment evolves so must we all adapt and change with the times. In that spirit, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee Board of Directors has made some changes in order to better serve its community:

With the ever-growing number of self-producing adult performers, it is a daunting task to maintain an accurate membership database. Therefore, in accordance with applicable state law and the internal rules of our Charter, APAC has removed the term “members” from our bylaws. There is no longer any need to apply for membership in this organization. If you self-identify as an adult performer, you are one. We have opened our website so that there is no ‘membership’ firewall, and all our educational resources are now open to anyone.

Furthermore, the Board has removed term lengths from the Director positions. All Board members now serve until they decide to step down, or until they are removed and replaced by a majority vote of the rest of the Board. This will allow for smoother transitions when a Board member chooses to leave.

APAC remains committed to providing resources and knowledge to the adult performer population. Your Board is here to serve you. If you wish to become involved, please let us know. If there is a way we can do better, please let us know that too. Let us work together to improve the future for all adult performers.

In deepest solidarity,

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee Board of Directors

Ana Foxxx – President

Alex Coal – Vice President

Mickey Mod – Chairperson

Cherie DeVille – Secretary

Tim Woodman – Treasurer




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